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Since 1979, Lebensbaum has been the guarantee of a very high biological quality and the strictest quality controls. The establishment of long-term partnerships is of great importance for Lebensbaum, the raw materials come directly from their place of origin and 100% of the raw materials put into production are organic, much of which according to the guidelines of the agricultural associations Demeter, Naturland or Bioland. Naturally, the list of climate-friendly measures carried out by this company is long and constantly expanding.

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PictureProduct nameContentPrice (Incl. VAT)Buy nowWeight (kg)
Cinnamon of Ceylon powder - organicCinnamon of Ceylon powder - organic
ground bark
50 g$2.85
0.06 kg
Earl Grey green tea, aromatised - organicEarl Grey green tea, aromatised - organic
with essential oil of bergamot and lemon
50 g$3.51Earl Grey green tea, aromatised - organic momentarily unavailable. Contact Santi-shop for more details.0.06 kg
Herb salt - organicHerb salt - organic
refill pack
500 g$4.32
0.51 kg
Savory - organicSavory - organic25 g$2.50
0.04 kg
Products 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Page 1 out of 1
Cinnamon of Ceylon powder - organic
50 g
Herb salt - organic
500 g
Savory - organic
25 g